SimulStream Registration


If you are installing on the Microsoft Vista operating system, some SimulStream registration utilities may not run. Please contact Osprey support if you encounter a problem.

After purchasing SimulStream for any of below Osprey video capture cards, you can enable SimulStream through a registration utility.

- Osprey 210, 220, 230, 300, 440, 500 family level hardware

I Download the Osprey SimulStream Registration Utility (v1.1.28) I
I View the Osprey SimulStream Installation Instructions I

SimulStream for the Osprey 210e, 240e, 260e, 450e, and 460e capture cards can only be enabled at the time of purchase prior to shipping.

SimulStream is pre-enabled and included on 811e, 815e, 816e, 820e, 821e, 825e, 827e, 845e




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