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Talon H.264 Hardware Encoders


Talon GxOsprey Talon G2, G1 and G1H hardware-based streaming contribution encoders are designed for A/V and broadcast customers looking for end-toend video-streaming tools. The Talon series ingests video from multiple formats, encodes it to H.264, and delivers it over IP. Capable of ingesting video via 3G-SDI, HDMI, or Analog Composite, Talon series encode up to three streams simultaneously, with frame alignment across all streams for multiple-bit-rate RTMP streaming. Encode configurations are independent (unless frame aligned) allowing users to create up to three separate encodes, i.e. one RTMP stream, one UDP stream and a separate archive saved as .ts file. A simple, Web-based interface gives users quick access to encoding settings for easy configuration. Talon’s small form factor, low power consumption and silent, fanless operation mean users can effectively set it and forget it. Depending on the model chosen, additional features such as LCD information screen and OneTouch Start are available.

Talon G2 Encoder 96-02012

SDI, HDMI, Composite, Touch Display

Talon G1 Encoder 96-02010

SDI, HDMI, Composite

Talon G1H Encoder 96-02011

HDMI, Composite, Start Buttonfb1wowzazixi

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Video Inputs

1 x 3G-SDI 1080P60 (Talon G1, G2)

1 x HDMI 1.4 4K30 UHD (Talon G1, G1H, G2)

1x Composite (Talon G1, G1H, G2)


Audio Inputs

Embedded SDI (Talon G1 and G2)

Embedded HDMI

1x Analog Unbalanced Stereo


Video Input Resolutions

Up to 1920x1080 60fps on HDMI

Up to 1920x1080 60fps on SDI

PAL and NTSC on Composite


Streaming Transports


Saving TS file

CDN Integrations


Video Processing

Upscale and Downscale, Frame Rate Conversion, De-Interlacing


Video Compression

H.264 (AVC)


Encoding Controls

Maximum 50Mbit/s Output Bitrate

Frame Rate Full, Half, Quarter, Sixth



Closed Captions

Re-Embeds existing CEA608/708 captions


Audio Compression



Audio Sample Rate

32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz

Audio Bitrate 32Kbps to 320Kbps



USB Drive

Network Drive (SMB Share)


LED Indicators

Signal Lock LED's

Power/Boot Status LED


Additional Features

Talon G2: Touch Display to individually Start/Stop pre-configured encodes

Talon G1H: Start/Stop button to start pre-configured encodes


In the Box

1x Talon Hardware Encoder

1x Country Specific locking Power Supply

2x Wall Mount Brackets

Electrical/Mechanical Specifications

Power 9VDC to 17VDC | 6W

Operating Temperature 0 to 40C