Osprey Ceylon FREE Desktop Version

Video Encoding/Streaming Solution

Osprey Ceylon is an H.264 encoding desktop application to complement our existing line of video capture cards. Using Ceylon with an Osprey capture card enables the live web broadcast and archiving of church events, sporting events, webcasts, and concerts to be delivered to computers, connected TVs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Osprey Ceylon Desktop Edition will work with all currently supported Osprey cards. Unlike many of the other applications, Osprey Ceylon is specifically designed to work with Osprey Capture Cards and exposes Osprey specific properties that no other capture application does.


Ceylon Exclusives:

Embedded Closed Captions: CEA 608 and 708 Closed Captioning picture data can be embedded in the H.264 stream data allowing caption display within supported players. (RTMP server and Flash player must support closed caption data in order for the closed caption overlay to be available for display)

Source Preview: Real Time view of capture card output for cropping and image adjustment

TruVue Monitor: Post Encode display window accurately renders the video as delivered from the encoder under current configuration

Osprey Properties: Access the full suite of Osprey Driver Features

Ceylon Encoder Features:

Simultaneous H.264 Live RTMP/UDP streaming and MP4 Save to File
High Performance Streaming Engine: allows lowest CPU usage
Primary and Backup streams from a single encode
Baseline, Main and High Profiles with automatic H.264 level selection
Automatic Stream re-publishing on loss of Network
De-Interlace, Cropping, Video Proc Amp Support

Osprey Driver Features:

Automatic Input Detection and Configuration
On the Fly signal adaptation
Loss of Signal Warning
Watermark Overlay
Vector Scope and Luma Scope*
Audio Boost Controls*
Audio Peak meters

*Available only when it is supported by the Osprey Card

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
Supported Capture Cards: USB Devices, 100e, 210e, 260e, 460e and all 800 Series
CPU: minimum i3 for analog capture cards, i7 recommended for 800 Series
Hard Drive: 50MB for installation, Adequate storage for archiving


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